The Start of Something Good


Hello friends, family and fellow Genoa folks!

For those of you who don't know us, we are the Bradacs, a family of five-- soon-to-be six-- with a big dream! For the past year and a half, it has been on our heart to open a coffee shop in our town of Genoa, IL. We enjoy good espresso, phenomenal drip coffee and a tasty, baked good on the side, but most importantly we value relationships and the possibility of creating a welcoming space with comfy couches, spots for kids to play and creativity to thrive. A place where everyone can feel at home!

We have been busy spending many an hour at the drawing board, crunching numbers, meeting with a business mentor, establishing a coffee roaster relationship and connecting with community officials! Perhaps you caught wind of this dream when we did some online market research a while back or maybe you know us personally and have been partnering with us in prayer for the perfect space and timing to make this dream come alive.

Well, we are here today to invite you into the process. From this point forward, we will be sharing our journey on this blog and via social media. We want you, our friends and neighbors, to have the opportunity to be connected to our story.

We are in what we are calling Phase 1 of the project. Although we have yet to find the right brick and mortar space at the right price, we have strongly felt led to step out in faith and begin to gather people in our community around coffee... Really good, sustainably sourced coffee!

You can expect to see us this summer around Genoa and DeKalb County events in our soon-to-be refurbished 1983 Grumman Olson Step Van turned coffee truck. You read right! We bought a beautiful beast of a vehicle and its transformation is already underway. Just typing this gives us goosebumps! We will be updating this space with photos of the makeover and can't wait to introduce you to the truck in-person.

We picked the name OpenDoor Coffee because, with us, everyone belongs. Someday soon we look forward to welcoming folks into a physical coffee shop that embodies the message of "Come on in, the door is open!" Until then, we can't wait to get to know you and share stories over a cup of coffee, of course!

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