Updates Long Overdue

Hi neighbors!

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the ol’ blog! Many of you have been following us on Instagram or Facebook and have a general idea of what we are up to, but here’s a quick re-cap to bring everyone up to speed.

On May 1st of 2018 we welcomed Rowan, baby number four, to our family. He is the truly a joy baby and the sweetest addition to our boy tribe. To give you an idea of how behind we are on updates, he’s now nine months old, slobbering-up a storm, pulling himself up to standing at the coffee table and giggling at his brothers’ antics. Time flies when you’re having fun!


We waited, what felt like an eternity, to get the coffee truck concession window shipped in from Florida, then cut a hole (talk about nerve-racking) into the side of the truck and installed said window.


Nick put in the countertops and a three compartment sink, plumbed the truck with cold and hot water, painted and wallpapered the interior, painted the back siding and spent a great deal of time watching YouTube how-to videos and making runs to Menards. All that’s left is to finish installing the gray water tank, do the wiring and wrap it!


In addition to the work on the coffee truck, we sold a whole lot of beans and cold brew, catered coffee for a few events around DeKalb County, started a coffee subscription program and hosted an Artisan Christmas Market with our very first espresso bar. We are so thankful to our roasters for helping make this possible and to all of you for believing in our journey and having good taste in coffee :-)


This past year has been a year of overcoming personal hurdles, trusting God in new and increasing ways, resting, learning patience and continuing to dream big. We are closer than ever to hitting the road with our coffee truck this Spring and are actively exploring possibilities for a permanent location for OpenDoor in Genoa. More details coming soon. We’ll try to be better at sharing on here. Onward and upward!