Coffee Truck Before Pics and Plans!

Some of you have asked to see and hear more about the truck, and who doesn't like a good BEFORE montage? So, without further ado, we present to you OpenDoor Coffee's very own road warrior!


She's a 1983 Chevy Grumman Olson Kurbmaster step van. Essentially, she's a bread truck. Everytime we get a package delivery from UPS or FedEx we smile and wave at her sister vehicles.  Her background is as a vegetable delivery truck for a farm in Woodstock, IL. She has 140,000 miles on her and was very well maintained by the family farmers who owned her. They gave us a wonderful deal and we are ever-so thankful!

Here are a few more shots. Notice the original driver's side seat back vinyl! 


The boys have LOVED playing in the back, steering the big wheel and helping us start to clean her up! On a side note, it has really been neat to be able to involve the boys in the starting of a family business. They have been praying with us for the right doors to open for a coffee shop for over a year and bringing them along for the ride and even including them on some of the decisions and projects, such as artwork for the background of the coffee bags, has been really special. They are super excited!


We've had a chance to begin to make a few changes over the past couple of weeks and this weekend more changes are scheduled to roll out. The first order of business was to remove the sliding panel between the front driver area and the back of the truck. We will most likely be putting up a better wall there with storage. Here is a before and after of that project. Nick used his angle grinder to remove the metal track.


So, now we have a nice clean slate to work with! We have plans to put counters with lower cabinets on either side of the "box." We'll share the mock-ups with you soon!

Here are a couple of coffee trucks that we've been using as our inspiration:

And here is Collin testing out the placement of our order window (there will be a long bar under the window for half and half and sugar and baked goods)! We can't wait to share the journey of transformation with you!