Ethiopian Yirgacheffe -Dark Roast

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe -Dark Roast Coffee
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe -Dark Roast Coffee

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe -Dark Roast

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Caramel flavors with just a hint of smoke at the finish yet still maintains that fruity Ethiopian flair. If you're a fan of darker coffees - but not crazy burnt dark - this is the brew for you.

All of our Ethiopian coffees directly support the New Covenant Foundation (NCF), a missions organization actively involved in transforming communities Ethiopia.

The most important aspect of NCF's outreach is raising leaders in villages that can minister to their own communities. Through church planting, health and education initiatives and business training, NCF makes the people in the communities they reach self-sustaining. Not only financially, but spiritually, relationally and in many other ways. The goal is to make people self-sufficient - not to give them a handout.

We brew and sell specialty coffee beans, sustainably sourced direct from missions and organizations around the globe seeking to improve the lives of family farmers and their communities. The coffee in this bag supports their economic, educational and spiritual transformation.

Our beans, single-origin and blends, are locally roasted with the same love and care as we have for you.