Our Story

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It all started when…

We are the Bradacs. A family of six (yes, we have four boys!). Nick grew up in the Chicago suburbs, graduated from NIU and somewhere along the way met Steph, a coffee-loving Seattle-native working in Chicagoland. After tying the knot in St. Charles, Nick's job took us to Atlanta for a few years and then to Joplin, Missouri for a few more years. While living out of state, Nick's parents sold the family home in Batavia and moved West to Genoa, falling in love with its wide open spaces and small town charm. When the opportunity came for us to move back to Illinois, living near family and settling in Genoa was a no-brainer.  

I, Steph, frequently found myself in conversations with girlfriends that went something like this: "Wouldn't it be awesome not to have to drive to a bigger town or city to enjoy espresso with friends at a coffee shop? Wouldn't it be even more awesome if there were a family-friendly space like this in our town? Something with comfy couches and long tables for young and old to gather around? A spot where people felt welcomed and at home -- a virtual living room for our town."

Over a birthday dinner in 2016 we found ourselves, again, discussing the need for a concept like this in our town and then something just clicked. Why not Genoa? Why not us?

What's followed has been many hours at the drawing board, consulting with family, friends and Genoa city officials, researching feasibility, meeting with a business mentor and coffee roasters, scouting possible locations and dreaming big!

In the Fall of 2017 we entered our dream into the Chipstarter contest put on by Chip Gaines of Magnolia and Fixer Upper fame. While our submission was not selected, we sure had fun making this video and articulating the dream that is OpenDoor Coffee. 

The vision is still on the horizon. There are details that have yet to fall into place, but we have decided to step-out in faith and begin brewing coffee and serving-up espresso drinks at local community events in our very own coffee truck!

We look forward to seeing more pieces of our dream fall into place with the help and support of the fine town we call home.