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It's All About Relationships

We are a family-owned coffee business on a journey to provide Genoa, IL and its surrounding neighbors with a place to build relationships and enjoy delicious coffee. We are currently operating a fun and fantastic coffee truck in and around Genoa, IL! We hope you’ll come see us and the team on the truck soon!!

Our dream is to open a brick and mortar gathering space that fosters connection and a sense of belonging. In the here and now, you will see us out and about at community events in our coffee truck, sharing cup after cup of tasty espresso, award winning cold brew coffee, italian sodas and our love for all things coffee! We invite you to follow and support our journey to create a home-away-from-home coffee shop for our lovely town.

Stop by our online shop and get yourself some excellent coffee, some of the best brewing equipment available and some OpenDoor merch to keep this good feeling going!

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